A Family Owned Business

Kristel Tate and her daughter, Tabytha, long dreamed of opening a bakery and coffee shop; inspiration finally took hold when the pair took a trip to Paris in 2015.

In spring of 2016 they began remodeling the former Coast 101 building on Grant Avenue with a goal of opening The French Press Café in October of the same year. The shop opens early mornings through early afternoons, offering coffees and pastries along with breakfast like quiche and lunch like croque madames to people downtown and, hopefully, customers who travel to the area for the café.


Prior to embarking on the cafe venture Tate worked for an insurance company, and her daughter, then 16-year-old Tabytha Gutierrez, was still in high school. The cafe staff consists of about 10 people- a mix of part-time and full-time employees. The staff includes family members like her grandmother, who agreed to make carrot cake cupcakes for the business.

“This is new,” Tate said. “We have always wanted to do a bakery, but it wasn’t until after Paris that we wanted to implement the coffee behind it.”